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Bell Of Chaos
(C) Copyright 2010 James Paige
Music by Nigel "Jabbercat" McBride


Created for the OHRRPGCE 2010 8-bit contest.

1st demo release. Approx. 30 minutes of gameplay.
The current demo ends when you learn the Ashnan's Flail ability.

2010-03-25 - Fixed that caused you to lose the bell if you saved while it was hanging offscreen. Improved friction for better handling when running and jumping.


Having failed in his quest for immortality, King Gilgamesh has
declared war upon the gods and is building a Tower to Heaven on
the plain of Babel. The gods place a powerful curse in a bronze
bell, and entrust it to one young Demigoddess. She must carry
the Bell of Chaos to the top of the tower and ring it to complete
the curse and topple the tower.


Source code and game data are GPL. See LICENSE.txt
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Download (1.03 MB; downloaded 843 times)
Bell of Chaos (Demo 1.2) [PLAY THIS ONE] (1.03 MB; downloaded 829 times)
Bell of Chaos (Demo #1) [Original 8-bit contest entry]
Screenshot. The Goddess approaches the entrance to the Tower.