Vampires History- War of Annihilation

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Vampires History- War of Annihilation

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To prevent any sort of misunderstanding here:
I'm German and the game I am developing is, as for right now, German as well.
However since Decembre 23rd I have translated the Demo, but the translation is not the best in my opinion.
Anyway, a short summary:

-The game takes place in 18th century Europe, where a devastating war between the Dead and the Living has begun.
-The player controls an very old undead Hungarian, Ferenc, who wakes up at a graveyard without any memory of his former life
-Three sidequests as well as one mainquest are already completable; most of them can be solved in different ways
-Numerous weapons, items and pieces of clothing from the 18th century are purchasable at stores or to be found in crates or elsewhere
-About a dozen enemies are already to fight, however many battles can be avoided
-A system which punishes mindless killing is already included (I basically ripped off the "kill"-item every enemy has got as a reward from Fenrir's Vampire's Curse which also happens to be about vampires, but I built in a script using the kills counter which can even make you lose the game to make it original. But thanks to Fenrir for the nice idea, and shame on me for nicking it, I guess.)

The Demo is still very far from finished as it includes one city (Berlin) out of seven I still plan to create; the main reason for it's release is the debugging which can be done more efficiently by the general public, as well as playtesting, which can't be done sufficiently by my friends anymore, as they already know where to go and what to do.
I have now updated the zip package and included the SDL dlls to make it playable for people without the O.H.R.R.P.G.C.E.
Download (0MB; 523 downloads) This is the translated version of the demo, based on the latest update of the German Version. Aside from the last dialogue, the translation might be a bit poor at some points, but report any mistakes to me and I'll do my best. (0MB; 551 downloads) Updated: January 10. 2010 Enhanced Balancing City finally complete!


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