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I've decided to go ahead and release *something* from this game.

From the readme:

Untitled OHRRPGCE game. 2007-2008 Kitten Master.

This is just a short demo of the first portion of the game. I promise neither good story or gameplay so far.
In fact, I don't expect anybody to enjoy the game since it doesn't offer a lot of strategy as of yet and I'm still tweaking the random
battles involved (I'm going to make major changes to make the beginning of the game less boring.)

Other than that, as soon as I finally make the beginning better, hopefully I will be allowed to have better battles as more characters
and abilties arrive, and hopefully a reasonable MP level.

Update: Janruary 31, 2008 Changelog:

Good changes:
- Graphics are more unified to follow a more consistent color scheme in the town.
- Night time scenes have a hue shift for dark colors for a better effect.
- Armor is toned down to not give as much HP. MP growth has increased, though spells haven't been given altered costs yet.
- The text boxes in the intro have changed in hopes of more consistent past tense, and in hopes of clarifying plot events.

WIP changes:
- The world map, once reached has work in progress tiles. The text box used to end the demo is no longer present, though that is
still the end of the demo.
- The camp (right above the World Map save point) now has an NPC and working beds, though the beds themselves need to use a script
for better healing effect.

Changes still needing to be made:
- I still haven't made better backgrounds.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:01 am
Download (952.37 KB; downloaded 648 times)
The game. Necessary files included to play.