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This is kind of related to me and Ichiro's Random Collab game. There was a time at the start when I wasn't able to get ahold of him and thought I might have to go through the contest alone. So I started on something like this and was playing around with it, when Ichiro finally showed up, and we got to work on our Werewolf project.

As the contest was winding down, I got nervous that we wouldn't be done, or that he might get called away, generally that we wouldn't be able to finish, and since I had already done everything I could for him, I decided I'd go ahead and try to turn this in by the deadline, just in case it was all we had to show. It's not finished, it's very juvenile, but people in IRC wanted to see it and I figure they deserve a laugh. It's also kind of a nice demonstration of what you can do with Beezelbufo.

So here it is, Project Catapillar, the Collab Game that never was.

WARNING: This is not Team Gizchiro's Random Collab entry. Ichiro knows nothing of this project, did not endorse it, did not play it, and probably does not like it. Any resemblance to a major motion picture is strictly coincidental.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:54 am
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