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hey everyone

i was going through my old files and found this, my very first project!
ive grown a lot this last year but i think i didnt start off too bad.
newbie games are fun Smile

play as my cousin Noah as he travels across strange planets in an effort to find and save his family and find a way home.

* demo level in place and 1 complete level
* an old (new to you) song included (sorry)
* on screen almost avoidable enemies
* end level boss and secret boss
* fire magic in an almost unfindable location
* everything in this file is for you to use with whatever. you never will but graphics, music, story can all be ripped or you can just pick up where i left off. your choice.

as always, thx and enjoy
PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:06 pm
Download (3.92 MB; downloaded 567 times)