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This is a very, very, very early alpha of a cyberpunk roguelike I'm tinkering with. Right now, all that works is the world and building generators. Wallmaps aren't even implemented yet, so you can pretty much walk through anything.

This is more practice for my coding skills than anything else. While it may eventually see the light of day as a complete game, it probably won't receive the amount of work and attention that I give Legacy. Still, it's good practice, and who knows? It may even wind up to be fun.

To be implemented in the future:

  • Non-square buildings. This was implemented previously, but then removed after it broke the generation of building interiors. It'll be back in future versions.
  • NPCs. Yeah, the world is kinda barren now, innit?
  • Cars and traffic. Because all the roads are zoned as either vertical or horizontal, I can direct traffic along them. This will probably be tricky, but it's code that I'll be able to use in Legacy, so that's a plus.
  • Interior stuff. Also rather barren inside buildings, huh?
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:18 pm
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