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Blue is a ball and he lives inside a box.
He may have lived forever, but soon he will die.
Gravity and Red have invaded Blue's world and will not rest until his death.
Blue is a good ball. And you are a good person.
So I know that you will do whatever you can to give Blue a chance at a long life!

4 different gameplay modes to get frustrated in
Brand new (poorly written) music
Minutes of fun!
Made for the littlestgame contest Feb, 2013

Thx and Enjoy!
Download (0MB; 430 downloads)


Comic Review of: The Amazing Super Blue Ball game by Meowskivich

The Super Amazing Blue Ball Game: Truest Title Ever! by Gizmog

TheSuperAmazingBlueBallGame0003.PNG (2.76 KiB) Viewed 3621 times
TheSuperAmazingBlueBallGame0001.PNG (2 KiB) Viewed 3622 times
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