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Heart of the OHR 2012 game by Mystic.

This version functions as more of a tech demo than anything. Please read the included readme.

This game has a lot of scripting, and not all of it is optimized. It shouldn't be noticeable, but there are slowdowns on my netbook, so if you are gaming on something old, you might find this difficult to play. Also, please use the included .exe - I was using an old nightly and can't be sure what might break in a new game.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:40 am

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Download (6.88 MB; downloaded 340 times)
Bugfix extended window release
Fixes problems in original release, and adds in the content removed due to those bugs. (1.3 MB; downloaded 332 times)
Heart of the OHR 2012 Edition, music removed for filesize purposes. Saturday, December 1st, 5:42 AM. (6.88 MB; downloaded 382 times)
Heart of the OHR 2012 Edition. Saturday, December 1st, 5:38 AM.