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The first-ever OHRRPGCE game (that actually got released) set on the planet Nummorro, which I've been coming up with stories and such about ever since I was in 3rd grade. This is the story of Nummer, Kherber, and Upchukk, who start out as three travelers just exploring Nummorro but end up fighting against a conquering empire led by the legendary Oolach Khurb'yi himself.

Of course, this is just a demo version; the game isn't actually complete just yet.


May 2014 update: Passworded to prevent random people ripping graphics.

April 2019 update: Weren't expecting an update to this game, huh? Well, there's an update! Plenty of stuff has changed since the last version... for some smaller examples, the designs of the K'hyurbhi and Blurby characters have been updated to the ones I've been using since around 2015 (no more red Kirby feet; see the new screenshot for examples) and various typos have been fixed in the textboxes. The game's also been massively expanded from its previous self (note the file size jumped from around 2.5 MB to 14 MB!) If you want to see everything that's changed, you'll have to download it and try it out!
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Download (13.98 MB; downloaded 577 times)
The game itself (April 2019 version)
Kherber and Upchukk's new designs
A mysterious... toilet??
A destroyed city in the Roton Plains.
Visiting the volcanic Roastiso Island.
An early battle against King Numm. Also an early screenshot where Kherber still had his old name. XD