Dreg Sector: The Tract

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Dreg Sector: The Tract

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Welcome to The Tract, a lawless fringe sector populated by pirates, smugglers, scavengers, and merchants. Hostile worlds wait to be discovered and plundered by daring spacefarers. Delve for salvage in perilous acidic oceans and void rifts. Navigate a bureaucracy of greedy traders and petty officials. Outfit your fleet with advanced gear and ace crewmen and conquer the stars.

Dreg Sector: The Tract is a complete RPG between 4-6 hours in length. The original soundtrack was composed by SDHawk. Contact me if you find any bugs, typos, or balance issues. I would love to hear your feedback.


*Build a fleet from 10 different ships with 14 different special weapons.
*Earn your fortune trading, stealing, scavenging, discovering, battling, marrying, or bounty hunting.
*30 strange worlds to explore and exploit.
*Free roaming progression.
*Stylish vintage graphics.
*Unique original music.

11/29/2012 - Dreg Sector: The Tract v1.0 released.

3/25/13 - v1.1 released. Fixed numerous bugs and typos. Added Radar item. Rebalanced special weapons. Increased effectiveness of Cloak. Reduced difficulty of early game.

dregsector11_193.zip (0MB; 779 downloads)


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