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-AR-PUH-GUH! version 1.3beta-

A free Role Playing Game created, distributed, and other stuff by The Coconut Of Doom (

AR-PUH-GUH! is an active time play RPG.
It plays like a classic RPG with a birds eye view 2-D overworld.
Even though a classic feel is brought to this game, there are some unique concepts thought up by Meowskivich (the owner of The Coconut Of Doom).
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Some things you can look forward to is:
-9 kinds of characters to start as
-many more other characters to recruit
-many many many much the side-quests, side-bosses, secret bosses, side-dungeons, secret dungeons, awesome stuff
-No silly "The Warrior is too stupid to comprehend the wearing of a cloth robe" deal. A warrior can wield a staff and a mage can wield a sword.
-Special energy system among other things...


(note: all stuff above project site is copied from an old description for the game I have on a different forum. I feel like improving on this, but it pretty much says it all.)

edit: because spoonweaver wants it, here's some repost-snapshots

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The 1.3beta release! Many new additions were added, and many things improved! Submission for the HotOHR contest.