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This Game is based on the text rpg from fallout 3

It's Dark times on the Realm! Grelok with demonic powers is unleashing terror in peoples Hearts! Even so a lone Adventurer come to this cursed land unknowing it's fate.

Features on this game
*Roofs rip of as you enter buildings.
*Extra healing potions on every map.
*Hero sprite changes while walking on swamp water.
*Secret Power Armor.
*3 Alternative Endings
*Backdrops as you enter places (not all places yet)

This game is Finished, Just need some final touches.
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 10:37 pm

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Download (3.51 MB; downloaded 470 times)
New Updated Version, Just missing some Backdrops.
Battle on the Swamp
Speech Tree
Fights against a thieft and a Wild dog
Hero Sprites