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This is my unreleased 2011 Fan Game contest entry. It is based upon Newbie Newtype's OHR game L'sol Nocturnal Tears which has since been removed from Slime Salad.

I didn't enter it in that contest since I felt it was too unfinished to be much competition. Ironically said contest ended up having a spectacular lack of entries so I probably should have anyway.

It has been about a year since then and it has become abundantly clear that I'm not going to get back to it any time soon (a combination of having more important things to work on, and a hard drive crash losing most of the original art), so I might as well release what there is of it. There's maybe 30mins of content, and after you beat the boss the demo is over.

The demo is largely a reimagining of the original L'sol with a few things thrown in to make the grind more interesting. The intended plan was that after this intro Moonlight would get thrown into Duck & MJ 2 and meet Duck, they'd both meet The Giz as himself later on, and a rather traditional RPG would happen extolling the virtues of not deleting your work.

Bonus: If you peek inside the RPG file you can get a sneak peek of my remake of Duck's (of Duck and MJ fame) home town. There's also some unfinished text boxes of the girl's diary that Moonlight was going to be able to read.
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