Ortega Colonies

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Ortega Colonies

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SDHawk and TMC present a survival simulation game, made for the OHRRPGCE 2012 Week-Long
Random Collaboration Contest.

11/09/2013: Version 1.1, a release to fix most known bugs.
This version also has changes slightly affecting gameplay, balance and graphics.


Mining Colony 3, Planet Ortega, 2240(EY). Contact has been lost with the rest of
civilisation and supplies are running out. Alone, you are sent out to investigate. With no
explanations to be found, there is little choice but to keep heading into the frozen north
towards the main colony...


With a procedurally generated world, no two games will be the same. And that's just as
well, for death is almost certain.

Descriptions of the Heads-Up-Display and in-game items are available from the 'Help!' menu.


Alt/Esc: Menu. Manage inventory, sleep where you are (not in a bed), equip warm clothing,
read help, save and/or quit.
Arrow keys: Walk.
Ctrl/Space/Enter: Interact with item being stood on, or in front of the hero. Open doors
(doors often start off closed).
L or F: Activate/deactivate lantern.

ortega_v11_158.zip (0MB; 687 downloads) Version 1.1 release, for Windows


Review o' Ortega Colonies by Meowskivich

2012 In Review 024 - Ortega Colonies by Gizmog

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