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Game Notes:
    This is the same version that's also on CP.
    An updated version will be uploaded here pretty soon, as the lack of working on it is boring me Grin
    I think this zip is supplied with a Silent-Game.exe, so just pop Detelamane into your own Game.exe and you should be able to listen to some sound?Surprised

Game Description:
    A really long time ago, the Gods supposedly found the world and blessed it with life.
    However, they soon found that the planet's corruption was too horrible, so the Gods ascended to a higher world (still within the world's realm, just a bit higher up), leaving the planet with nothing but a single tear: the Detelamane, tear of Gods.

    Legend has it that the tear grants the power of the Gods to the one who accepts the burden of restoring the world to its once glorious form.

    To prevent the Detelamane from falling into malicious hands, the tear was sent to another dimension, accessible only through a hidden gateway.

    Unable to find the tear, Man lived on without any aid from the Gods.
    The Detelamane, itself, eventually became nothing more than a legend that may have supported the current or past existence of the Gods.
    Its very tale also gave humans the hope that their suffering would eventually end once the Detelamane was activated.

    Enter Den. A young soldier of the mighty country of Vind.
    Through a Golom-hunting mission gone terribly wrong, Den finds himself in the middle of a very fine mess revolving around the very existence of life.
PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:12 am
Detelamane- Legacy of Detelamane- Legacy of (937.36 KB; downloaded 481 times)
A Tower of Gold!
Kid Den!
The World (Country?) Map!
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