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Hey, this music is for Jaguar, but anyone should feel free to use it honestly. None of it's really that good, but at the very least I hope that it can serve as a base for some music. At least it's not ripped, haha!

(requires Anvil Studio to use)
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:50 pm
unt20.mid unt20.mid (979 Bytes; downloaded 346 times)
unt16.mid unt16.mid (1.77 KB; downloaded 327 times)
unt13.mid unt13.mid (845 Bytes; downloaded 318 times)
unt7.mid unt7.mid (1.31 KB; downloaded 315 times)
unt6.mid unt6.mid (800 Bytes; downloaded 319 times)
unt3.mid unt3.mid (3.11 KB; downloaded 319 times)
unt2.mid unt2.mid (1.27 KB; downloaded 312 times)
unt.mid unt.mid (1.46 KB; downloaded 310 times)
Town-2.mid Town-2.mid (1.23 KB; downloaded 326 times)
Town-1.mid Town-1.mid (2.47 KB; downloaded 312 times)
maybe6.mid maybe6.mid (1005 Bytes; downloaded 322 times)
maybe4.mid maybe4.mid (2.61 KB; downloaded 313 times)
maybe.mid maybe.mid (3.2 KB; downloaded 321 times)
dark2.mid dark2.mid (1.57 KB; downloaded 326 times)