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For the 2011 48 Hour Contest.

Please don't rate this game. This will be updated soon. I don't want the overall ratings affected because I had to race a deadline. Thank you for your cooperation.

(Sorry, if you downloaded before 10:15 EST, you got a broken version. I had forgotten to add an important textbox. Re-download.)

The actual game will be a much larger adventure game where items access other items, witnesses will tell you details they know about the innocents, and the murderer. Keys will also be hidden. Sorry that I had to put them out in the open in this 48 Hour edition. Didn't have time to do anything special with them. Also, F11 is open if you open a cell door and can't pass through. Didn't have time to address that properly, either.

Again, this is only on Slime Salad to make the contest deadline. Please don't rate it now. I'll have a better version online soon enough.

I know this is rushed and nothing like it's intended form. Try to enjoy it anyway. For music, I'd suggest you find an internet radio station you like and stream.

Note: I've been informed that the version I uploaded at 10:15 was not actually updated, so if the cell doors don't work in your version, then you got the one I didn't mean to upload. The version that's up now fixes the doors so you can at least "free" the prisoners, though that's hardly impressive yet. If you've already downloaded and voted, don't bother revoting. But if you still want to try this with semi-working cell doors, now you should be able to.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:10 am

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