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Alrighty, here is the beggining of something great. This is the beggining of my game, Grayscale.

Grayscale is set in the land of Monchromia. The main protagonist of the story is Brody (But you can rename him). Monchromia and everything else is made in (you guessed it) black, white, and shades of gray, which I feel proud of.

The game is currently in demo stage.

Grayscale is the first thing i've ever been serious about, and my first game. Behind the scenes, its a mess of textbox code and tags, which I hope to resolve. If you want extra slimebucks, Int and Agility, feel free to review. It will be appreciated by me, but please, go easy on me. Please let me know of any bugs I need to crunch, or any other issues. Alright, so enjoy playing the game. There is going to be more to if you like it, let me know. Might motivate me to work harder, and make something that I can feel glad about.

EDIT: Now, I have added a newer, yet bugged up demo. A read me is included, so please read it.
New Features:

*New (Some Incomplete) Maps.
*NPC's say more.
*More Story!

Apologies for it being...not the best. But, at the moment, Grayscale is not my current project, and I felt like releasing my ill-known progress.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:46 am

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Grayscale Grayscale (5.06 MB; downloaded 474 times)
The second demo.
Grayscale Grayscale (1.81 MB; downloaded 588 times)
This is the 'first' demo.