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Castle on the Night Land is an adventure game in the classic sense. You are trapped in a mysterious and deadly castle. Use your wits to solve puzzles, find secrets, navigate mazes, and escape evil monsters.

*Old school monochrome graphics.
*Adventure-style game play with inventory puzzles.
*Highly interactive environments.
*Verbose descriptions that bring YOU into the game.
*15 super secret treasures for ultimate challenge.
*Haunting original music.

Castle on the Night Land is a complete game. Contact me with any bug reports or typos. Thank you for playing!

Edit 3/13/2011: Thanks to input from mjohnson092088 I've uploaded a new version. This has several bug fixes and a new scoring system.

Edit 4/1/2011: Thanks to the folks on the RPGFan forums I've fixed numerous bugs. Most importantly, NPCs now remember their location after a save. I've also added an all original soundtrack.

Edit 9/3/2011: Fixed a few typos.

Edit 1/20/2012: Fixed some bugs and tidied up some graphical glitches.
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