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It's a game. Mostly involving robots.

This game was submitted for the Fight Battle Contest 2011. As such, it consists of the following:

A title screen
A map with 2 NPCs
8 Text boxes
1 Fight, sans background.
A game over script, which simply ends the game. This is my first script ever!

The purpose of the game was to make as interesting a battle possible while only allowing players to use the fight command. This game is, as a result, about two minutes long. I prefer to call it a coffee break game.

In this game, you control 3 Robots: Misery, Ramba, and Putter. You must fight the robots Anger, Cyke, Bomb, and Swordhead.

Anger has a lot of health, is fairly strong, and slowly increases in power. How dangerous!

Bomb will explode if hurt. This does about 200 damage to everyone. Oh no!

Cyke repeatedly heals the person who last attacked him. The fewer hit points he has left, the less he heals. He's so noble!

Swordhead just stabs the dude with the lowest HP. What a cad!

On your own team, Ramba has a lot of health, and Putter can attack twice (but has the least health).

Your attack does triple damage when you have less than half health. If you're low on health, you can kill Anger before he gets too strong. If you're high on health, you won't die. Winning will require careful management of your HP!

Can you defeat the enemies? Does it matter if you do?
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