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This is the Chronoboy Adventures Game for the Heart of OHR contest. This is not in a final state, I will release a final version at a later date.

For information on the game, please visit my project website:

The game have a multiple path and outcome story, for this version, it ends after you find a way into Pyrota(unless you use a water gate to get there). The game story defaults to the good karma story if you do not do anything bad in the beginning of the game.

A good alignment character follows the path of good to help others in the game. An evil alignment character follows the path of evil and works with the monsters of the world to take down all that is good.

The karma system is going to be very flexible, and it is currently well done in this version. For example, instead of delivering an item a good character asked you to deliver for a quest... You could instead go and sell that item for lots of money. Obviously that character won't be pleased and it does lead your character on the path of evil. Play with the quests and try different approaches to solve them, it may unlock valuable items for you.

Enjoy this version and I hope you look forward to full game when released, which will have expansion packs released for it which add additional content, events and quests.

Wiki page:

After much hard work during the past while to kick out all the bugs, the game appears to be ready for a demo stage. This allows everyone to help me find those darn bugs for I can squish them. There are a few bugs in the demo game, which will be dealt with for the final version ready for the Heart of OHR contest.

Be sure to read the in-game Guide item and not just shove it in the trash. I would however, recommend putting it in the trash afterwards, as your inventory is not very large. However, in the game you can purchase bags and backpacks to increase your carrying capacity. Bags and backpacks are stackable items, so go at it. When you receive a major item in the game, the character will also give you a bag to carry it in. I added this, just in-case your inventory was full when a game crucial item was given.

The demo version has a fair amount to explore and do, the only areas your limited from really at the moment are unfinished ones. I would highly recommend exploring the lands, as I left a few secrets in there to find, which help you in one of the story elements in the demo.

The game does feature Spells, but you will need to purchase a Spellbook and spells for it, some are included in the demo to try out. Although, the spells are a little pricey.

For the most part, the story will stay the same for the final version.

The game makes heavy usage of your computer clock, please read this post on my website for information on how it uses it:

I would recommend reading it before playing the final game, as it can make the game difficult at times, however it forces a strategy based on time.

Also, don't worry about dying in the game. Why? I encourage trying to die at least once per story segment. In this game, instead of dying, an event occurs depending on your situation. If a hoard of monsters kills you near their lair for example, they'll shove into their holding cell until they can decide what to do with you. This can also cause a story branch to occur. Meaning the game can and will change the storyline depending on where you end up dying, or rather getting KO'd.

As you can see by reading this so far, the game has some very odd elements built-in. These elements add strategy and a replay value to the game. I would recommend playing the demo at least 3 times and try different things to sway the story. I forgot how many times the demo can branch out to different situations.

Although, as the game concludes, all story branches will eventually collide into at least 2 different endings, which are in fact very similar, but at the same time are very different. When the final game is done, full with the entire story, you'll see what I mean by this. I just don't want to spoil too much.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:07 am
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