Legendary Heroes

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Legendary Heroes

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I first made this game more than 10 years ago. It was deleted in a tragic event, and only now am I remaking it. I hope to complete this and undo the tragedy of yesterday.

Update: 11/28/2012
Major Update! New characters, new monsters, new cities, new spells, new items, new everything. Have fun riding the turtle!
Update: 11/30/2012
small update, for balancing and bugfixes
Update: 12/2/2012
Fixed a some broken chests, increased some droprates, added an instructional dialog for the turtle, made a quest or two solvable, made some tiles not appear above hero heads, made some water move, added fish to fishing hole, and fixed some other bugs too.

legendary_heroes_191.zip (0MB; 1050 downloads)


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2012 In Review 031 - Legendary Heroes by Gizmog

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