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This was previously posted on Surlaw's forum. I've mostly been working on a different project, so nothing new if you've seen it.

This is a Metal Slug clone made with Game Maker. I think it's a pretty solid engine. PRESS F1 FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

Everything is from scratch, except all the non-voice sounds. This took about a month of SOLID work to get this far. I have no idea when I'll feel like continuing this project.

Fun fact: The sprite styles originated from walkabouts I made for an old Metal Slug fan-game for OHRRPGCE. Even making it turn based was ridiculously hard. This Game Maker project, by contrast, works swimmingly. Heck, if you got questions about how I did things, ask and I'll probably tell you.

Small Easter egg: run out of lives and get a continue screen while barehanded enemies are on screen. This is currently the only way to see their humorous idle animations.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:52 pm
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