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2010 by Joseph S Hall (JSH357)

This game was made for the Ridiculous Games Contest 2010, and as such, it is a ridiculous game. If you are expecting a beautiful experience, you are barking up the wrong tree.

The primary concept behind Duck is "A sequel to a game series nobody played/cares about." Duck and MJ 1 and 2 are based off of a "show" I created with various toys I had when I was a kid, which eventually developed in to a tabletop RPG. When I first learned to use the OHR, I naturally tried to adapt Duck and MJ in to a game. The result was disastrous, as it assumed one had prior knowledge of the characters.

While both games garnered little to no attention, I feel like somehow they've become a quiet cult-popular newbie game series in the OHR comunity, partly due to SDHawk's brilliant JSH Story series on Youtube. If you ever played one of the first two games, you're in for a treat with this one. It is very true to the canon, and has some funny references.

I'd like to thank the following people for ideas and inspiration:
- SDHawk, for the JSH Story series, which made me remember DAMJ
- Newbie Power, for some gameplay advice and testing
- Gizmog1, for testing the game and taking it semi-seriously
- Pepsi Ranger, for his review of Duck and MJ 2 on Operation OHR

There are six endings in this game. Getting them can be kind of complicated, but if you used to play old adventure games, you'll probably be able to figure out that it all depends on the sequence of events that transpire. Note that two of the endings are kind of tricky: they start out the same way, but require a battle to end a specific way. That's all I can say about them without spoiling it.

There is a text file in the zip file explaining how to find all six endings.

Also, the game is unpassworded and includes an HSS, if you'd like to see how I handled slices and transmogrification.
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