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Who says 3D graphics isn't possible using the OHRRPGCE?
I'm not sure ... but I don't.

This boulderbeast will be used in the game Saminaster & Sorcery.
The boulders are positioned using 3D coordinates, and body joints can each be positioned at specified angles, giving the creature a very 3D feel.

In game, he'll be animated by specifying joint angles.

If anyone wants build a boulderbeast for themselves, the source code is in the .zip file. Also, feel free to message me about anything.

The Boulderbeast now has walkabout animations.
Also, I've included an early implementation of the simple harmonic oscillator simulator - currently, it looks rather goofy.
Ideas and comments are welcome at my journal page:
May 04: The update now contains the .exe file. Sorry about that.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:02 am

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This is the newest iteration of the BB Tech Demo as of May 04 2010. (1.35 MB; downloaded 598 times)
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