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A Hamster Republic Engine Video Game released in the year of Lord God 2010. Visit for more worship schedules.

In this game you must find the horse. Hello! I am your host. I am Surlaw. I watch you as you play the Horse Game and make sure you do not get out of control. Control is the most important part of the plan. Control and obedience.

You will explore mazes and solve puzzles in pursuit of a wonderful horse. Can you find the horse?? Time will tell.

The game automatically saves your progress at the start of each level. If you are weak and tired, and can quit and come back later. If your situation becomes impossible, press that horrible ESC. key on your keyboard and select Retry.

Use the arrow keys to move your body to the groovy beat. Press the Enter key to connect with your fellow prisoners.


9/24/13 - Replaced ending music with public domain OHR music.
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