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My supposed "epic" OHR game, part one of a trilogy. The game's design began way back, initially as somewhat of a parody of Rinku's &And game. However, the story evolved over time, until finally emerging as a three-part tale of time stopping, White and Shadow, and an angsty redhead known only as Infinity.

This is a short, roughly 30 minute demo. By demo, I should say "movie," since most of the file is a very long opening movie. There's a throwaway boss at the beginning, as well as one dungeon and one real boss.

The game has a few nifty features you may notice. One is if you walk in shadows (next to houses or ledges), you'll notice your NPC gets darker as it steps into the shade. Others include original music, some of the best maptiles I've drawn (I'm still proud of the indoors maptiles), and a plethora of NPC actions and emotions.

Other then that, there isn't much here. The game will not ever be worked on beyond this point. Sorry to disappoint.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 3:29 pm
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v. 0.2, May 19, 2004
The story of Stop was actually Stop/April reliving her past memories while her true self was trapped at the End of Time. Save points are, as it says here, rifts in her memories where you can make a solid recollection.
Scripted battle. That enemy graphic is sweet.
An example of the tons of NPC emotions in Stop. Here, Joseph is hugging his daughter, April.
That is one fine looking indoors I tell you what.
Flashback. Wait, the whole GAME is a flashback. Whatever.
Some part of the plot or something.
More examples of NPC emotions.
Right before the last boss in the demo.