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From the readme.txt...

Large walkabout script, using Hero Sprites, written by Kitten Master/Newbie Newtype.

This script allows one to use Hero frames as walkabout graphics on the map, averting the usual limitations of 20x20 and turning them into 32x40 walkabout graphics. These hero graphics are mapped to the on-map position, and imitate the direction and current frame of the hero/NPC. These "large walkabout" graphics are also affected by map layers, so there is no need to alter map design at all.

While this works for the most part, there are a couple of limitations.

- Right now it does not take account multiple copies of a single NPC
- Plotscripting cutscenes will be more tricky as manual checking to see if NPCs are moving are now required in order to keep updating the slice graphics (see the example script for an idea on what to do)
- This requires having a game loop running when the player is in control


Version 1.2 additions:

- Changed the system to use a 1-tick timer, so that there is no longer any need to have a game loop. You still need to use wait for large npc and wait for large hero, though.

Version 1.1 additions:

- Added "wait for large npc" and "wait for large hero" for easier assimilation into existing scripts
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