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What's the capital of England?

Okay, good. Now add flashing colors, scantily clad women, stupid video game quotes, well-placed easter eggs, frantic music, and some of the dumbest, freakiest, most disturbing visuals you've ever seen and answer hundreds more otherwise-easy questions until the timer runs out.

If you retain your sanity at the end of four minutes, you are a Super Concentration Headache Master Pro.

If you enjoy the game, consider taking acid. From what I understand, the effects are similar.

For the Terrible Games Contest 2005. There are a few historical notes to consider with respect to this game:
- It is the only game to my knowledge that was conceived of while sitting on a toilet
- Most of the game was made between 12 and 3 am; as a result, the answers to an embarrassing number of the math questions were incorrect on its initial release
- The game won the Terrible Games Contest in 2005
PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:01 pm
Super Concentration Headache Master Super Concentration Headache Master (1.83 MB; downloaded 637 times)
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