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It's been two and a half years since I went full swing into the Powerstick Man update, and it looks like it'll be another year before I'll finally get the finished version up and running. But after months of thinking about it, I finally decided to post an early version of the upcoming Extended Edition. So for one week only, I'm providing a short demo of the new update.

There's about two hours' worth of gameplay here (or eight if you know how to hack the game's password). Forgive the size of the download, but there is a LOT of stuff in this game. However, you'll only see about a quarter of it for now (unless I give you the password) since I don't want to ruin too much of the surprise.

The README will tell you more about the game. For now, let the work speak for itself.

And I apologize for the plotscript lagging. I'm still waiting for TMC to implement script multitasking to get this thing working as intended. Also, some features will feel broken without the new save format. There's an explanation for this in the README.

Other than that, enjoy. This file will be online from October 25 - November 2, 2009.

EDIT: And...TIME!!!
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