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This is an old game that has a soft spot in my heart. The original description:

'Tis a silly game... OHRer's Noel was released for the Christmas contest of 2001. Starring Ralfo, Gilbert, ChaosNyte, and Moogle1, OHRer's Noel takes you deep in the depths of the North Pole to rescue Christmas from Rinku!

This game has a variety of innovations and a few clever minigames. It's just short enough to stay interesting throughout.

Note: It is only a little ironic that half of the game's stars have left the OHR community.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 4:45 pm
OHRer's OHRer's (163.72 KB; downloaded 416 times)
OHRer's Noel game files
Battle screenshot