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The evil Count Dracula, lord of the dark castle of night, has risen once again from the dead to plague the world of the living. A chance encounter leads to the death of the local Baron of Transylvania's bride, and swearing revenge, the Baron makes his way to Dracula's castle to slay the evil vampire. Once there, he encounters the count, and falls in battle.

Awakening some time later, the Baron discovers he has metamorphized into one of the undead. A lone cloaked figure named Dante reveals that he has been placed under the curse of undeath, and that to release it, he must slay Dracula once and for all. The clock ticking, the Baron must now track down Dracula, slay him, and reclaim his humanity... ...or stay a vampire forever.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 11:11 pm
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Full version with higher quality music, full color readme, game player, and distribution license! (1.3 MB; downloaded 870 times)
Low-Quality MIDI version of Vampire's Curse, Game Player, License, and Readme file.
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Title Screen for Vampire's Curse