Old Bob the Hamster Side-Scroller

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Old Bob the Hamster Side-Scroller

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As a novelty, I ported some of my ancient QuickBasic code to FreeBasic. One such piece of code was an old unfinished prototype of a Bob the Hamster jump-and-run side scrolling game.

You can move Bob around a single level, and interact with a few objects, although there are no enemies to fight.

This code is notable in O.H.R.RPG.C.E history because, as best as I can remember, it is the first Hamster Republic code to use the multi-directional scrolling code used for the OHRRPGCE’s maps.

I have no plans to finish this code, but I do have another sidescroller in the works

Source code is available at svn://gilgamesh.hamsterrepublic.com/hamster/bob2/ (see <a href="http://gilgamesh.hamsterrepublic.com/wi ... help">this page</a> if you don't know how to use subversion)

bob_old_sidescroller_130.zip (0KB; 627 downloads)


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