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Trick-or-Treat! Candy is amazing, but the true charm of Halloween is in becoming the scariest and most menancing creature of the night! In Scare Spree, you are in the pursuit of glory as you scare everything in sight! Choose your favorite costume and then watch as innocent trick-or-treaters run in fear of your awesome hair-raising skills!

Classic 8-Bit Arcade Style Gameplay!
Rack up the biggest combo you can in a unique system that allows you to use a variety of moves to keep the horrors coming!

Creepy Costumes!
Choose between 12 hair-raising costumes to execute your scaring!

3 Spooktacular Stages!
Prove you are the ultimate king of fear in three stomping grounds!

Hours of Replay Value!
Improve your technique in your pursuit of being even more menancing by unlocking new costumes in each stage!

Powered by OHRRPGCE. Originally designed for the 2006 Halloween Contest hosted on Castle Paradox.
Created by: Matt Edson & Adam Perry
Graphics & Maps: Matt Edson
Programming: Adam Perry
Music & Sounds: Soda_piggy
Announcer: Paul Harrington

Jack used with permission by W. James Pandelis
Killer Kong used with permission by Shattermat
Bob the Hamster used with permission by James Paige
Powerstick Man used with permission by Jeremy Bursey
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Scare Spree Scare Spree (12.4 MB; downloaded 403 times)
Scare Spree_TrapMove_Martian.png
Lure hopeless trick-or-treaters to you and then send them screaming with your deadly trap move!
Scare Spree_CharacterSelect.png
choose from one of 12 costumes!
Scare Spree_Title.png