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Made for the 48 Hours Contest 2004

Graphics, Text, Map Design: RedMaverickZero
Plotscripting: *Worthy*

RedMaverickZero and Worthy's entry for the 2004 48 Hour Contest.
Featuring things only a crazy team can cram into a game in 48 Hours. When an unlikely friend is captured by a group of sinister men, what are you to do? Put on your top hat and go off on a journey to save him. Even if he is a lil dumb and wanted to eat you.

"A fantastic, albiet simple game. *Worthy* flexes his plotscripting muscles and RMZ shows genuine effort throughout the whole game. Definatly worth your time." - Squall from a CP review
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 3:05 pm
Gargan and Gargan and (107.35 KB; downloaded 451 times)