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A masked swordsman known only as "El Garbanzo" searches for his missing father... along the way, he becomes an illegal immigrant, meets various strange characters (including the Grim Reaper, Mr. T, and the Border Patrol's version of the Power Rangers), beats up gang members to steal their lunch money, takes on the Klan in the Alabama hicktown of Frogbucket, and more!

OkÚdokÚ! was my entry in the 2009 8-Bit Game Contest. Since then, the game's story has continued into its sixth chapter, various things have been added to the earlier chapters, and bugs have been fixed.


September 17th, 2014 UPDATE: I have uploaded the final version.

After 5 years and a few months of working on it on-and-off, OkÚdokÚ is finally finished, and ready for people to play through the full game! Read the two most recent entries in the included "Okedoke_history" text file for a complete list of what's new to the game (it's much too long to go over here!)

Here's a short list of major new things (anything that consists of new story/gameplay segments is included; smaller changes are not.)

    * Chapter 1: You can now reach the border through the Mountain Path without getting Se˝or Rialgo. A new map and several new scenes have been added to account for this.
    * A new optional boss has been added to the Ghost Town.
    * Chapter 2: Two new maps have been added to Wrongside, one accessible from one of the gang hideouts and the other west of the city.
    * The church in Frogbucket is now accessible, along with the graveyard behind it.
    * Chapter 3: Two brief new cutscenes have been added.
    * Chapter 4: Members of the Swarm can now be found and talked to around the Burger Kingdom after you've defeated all of them.
    * The second floor of the King's Castle is no longer lacking in NPCs.
    * A house that was previously inaccessible is now open, and another one that was accessible but empty now has some stuff in it.
    * Chapter 5: A new sidequest is accessible from the hidden prison village. This includes a bit of backtracking into the prison itself, a new map, a couple of new items, and an optional boss.
    * Chapter 6: A new sidequest is accessible from Beaverfoot, including several new maps, a couple of new items, and an optional boss.
    * The Mayor of Beaverfoot's quiz minigame has been expanded. There are now more categories (two of which are chosen randomly each time you play; the third is always "Other Stuff") and a third round after you clear the second. You can also no longer keep playing the quiz forever--after you've won three rounds, it's done.
    * The rest of Chapter 6 after you leave Beaverfoot, consisting of a wilderness area as well as the final dungeon of the game, is now complete.

January 15th, 2015 UPDATE: I just uploaded a slightly modified version of the game which fixes a few bugs and upgrades the game (and the included .exe file) to the most recent nightly version in order to fix an engine bug. If you tried to play through the game and stumbled across "invalid map layer" script errors, this new version will fix that issue. Also fixed are two nasty bugs (one in Chapter 2 and another in Chapter 3) which could potentially end your game if you happened to trigger them.

January 17th, 2015 UPDATE: Fixed one more minor little bug (which you'd only see if you get to the ending of the game without doing much--or anything--in the Burger Kingdom sidequest... but it still bugged me so I fixed it. XD)
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Download (4.09 MB; downloaded 1379 times)
The most recent version of the game. (Last updated January 17th, 2015.) (1.12 MB; downloaded 900 times)
The demo version of the game that was submitted for the 8-Bit Contest; done up to Chapter 2, but with a few bugs.
Beat up gangs, get Medals of Honor from the cops... and then sell 'em to buy a car.
I missed some shading on that last exclamation mark. This is fixed in the most recent version!