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Magnus 17 is the only conventional RPG I've ever finished. It won the Magnus Sequel Marathon back in the day, and despite its flaws and the general poor execution of the whole thing, its quirks have always endeared it to me.

This is the old contest version, which comes with a few songs I wrote for the game. They're pretty simple, they were basically put together by a guy who didn't know anything about composing music, but had some basic ideas on harmony and melody. There's still something I like about the world theme, and the three in the zipfile are better than some other ones in the game, which are skeletal rhythms at best.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:40 pm
magnus magnus (356.41 KB; downloaded 425 times)
Magnus 17
Among the things that bug me about this game are the awkward phrasing of basically everything. God I was a douchebag back then.
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