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As Infinity comes to a break between his seemingly endless dances with death, he finds time to visit the Cafe Intolerance. What nightmares awaits him there is yet to be seen... Will he discover his Weakness, or be consumed by it?


- 3 glorious colors! Black, white, and now (for a limited time only), red!
- An intense, nerve wracking, film noir style story that'll bring a tear to your eye!
- Everyone's favorite angsty hero, Infinity!
- Witty, genius script that'll have you completely enthralled the entire five minutes of playtime!
- I think it might have giraffes in it somewhere. Maybe not. My bad.
- Music stolen written by Aaron Waltz!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:36 pm
Download (159.96 KB; downloaded 431 times)
Full game, readme, and scripts. Rated "M" for "Mostly Black and White."
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