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CP is being lame, so I've decided to post this here on the superior site.

*7/30/08* Version 0.03b
- Added Camp to the Priest's ESC Menu, if you have a Tent
- Redone Appal and Mihallen Caves
- More enemies
- Added Save Statues (You can no longer save outside or inns)
- Shop balancing
- More sound effects
- New items
- Revised menu setup
- Drop balacing
- More places to use map abilities
- New cheat: Godspeed
- Added an "Intro" option to the main menu, giving background info
- Story changes
- Demo still ends after the Slime quest

- Much more, too much to list!

*7/21/08* Version 0.02b
- Nerfed the Wizard's Fireball attack
- Buffed the Monk's Grapple attack
- Fixed Deathblow Techniques to not ignore extra hits
- Fixed a small wallmap problem in Appal
- New title screen (expect change once and a while)
- Menus redone to smaller, nicer layout
- New cheat: "grimygoods"
- Monsters now rarely drop crafting materials
- Lowered the price of several items
- Added Craft to the Warriors ESC Menu
- Added Recall to the Wizards ESC Menu
- Added Pacifism to the Monks ESC Menu
- Made the readme file a lot more informative.
- Renamed game.exe to prevent overwriting other copies

- Released first public betatest. Grin Grin Grin
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:03 pm
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