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While the Extended Edition is still quite a few months away from release, I thought I'd at least resurface the original version in a new Slime Salad exclusive package called the Legendary Edition.

What is the Legendary Edition exactly? It's the V1.1 game file that I originally finished in March 2001, but only passed out to just a few people thinking I'd do a lot more on the game in the coming months, but never did.

It's the file that addressed a couple problems that came up in various reviews, including the lack of helpful NPCs offering restorative items before a couple of the major fights and the infamous "walk everywhere" design flaw that everyone who played the original complained about.

In other words, in this version, bus passes are available (but only three), and they're nowhere near as pretty as what they are now in the Extended Edition.

This version also (I believe) leaves the previously inaccessible travel maps to the east of Cannonball City open. There's nothing to do on any of them, but you can at least explore what you couldn't access in the original release.

And since it's eight years old and helplessly outdated now, I thought I'd re-release the game without a password and with a copy of its original plotscript file.

The Legendary Edition also includes the following nostalgic and previously unreleased files and documents:

-The Adventures of Powerstick Man V2

This is the game that was supposed to succeed the original by offering many major improvements, especially in graphics, but never got that far off the ground. As of now it's just a glorified walking game.

Work will probably resume on it after the Final Edition is released, and will likely coincide with the novel more than the original game, but for now I thought I'd give everyone a chance to see what it was going to be.

Plotscript file is included.

-"Superheroes Anonymous"

The short story that came packaged with the original. This is the slightly updated 2005 version that I eventually placed in my short story collection called Life Under Construction. It still needs improvement, but it's better than the 2000 version.

-The Adventures of Powerstick Man Strategy Guide

This lengthy document is the beginning of what was supposed to be a full color strategy guide for the V1.1 version. It's the document that Inferior Minion was going to use as a template for gaming guides had he ever implemented the idea.

The guide walks the player to the first town and offers a lot of insider goodies along the way. Intimidatingly long, but worth the time.

Hasn't been updated in several years, though. A few grammar problems still linger. As of now, I haven't entirely abandoned the document, but with all the changes that have been implemented into the Extended Edition, most of this is already way outdated.

-Original OHRlympics Promo Page

The official Powerstick Man advertisement for the 2001 OHRlympics. Comes with all the screenshots.

-The Extended Edition Preview Documents

These are the original preview documents I wrote for HamsterSpeak Vol. 9 and the "Battle Graphics World Premier" thread.

-Blind Date Preview

The game that derailed my Powerstick Man momentum back in February 2001 and in turn stalled during the summer and fall when Tightfloss Maiden ate up my design time. This is the original promo document I wrote for OHR Monthly (which I think it was published, but can't remember). Had lots of ambitious ideas, but as of now it's still just a glorified walking game.

Production on this game will resume eventually.

And last, but not least:

-Cannonball City, Chapter 1

Yes, this is the first chapter of Cannonball City, the retelling of the Powerstick Man saga in actual, literary format. This will become a massive epic as time wears on. If you ever wondered how the story really began, read this.

Note: We don't actually meet Powerstick Man until Chapter 2, and he doesn't become Powerstick Man until about halfway through the novel. So don't go looking for him here.

And that's the summation of what the Legendary Edition is. It's a retelling of the original without really retelling it. It's the inclusion of all the major goodies (not reserved exclusively for the Extended Edition release) that were never before released to the public. It's the return to a world that the OHR had long forgotten.

Now that you know, click the download button.
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Document detailing the production of the upcoming Extended Edition over the course of 100 weeks. This also covers the sporadic development history prior to Week 1 in summary. This is a very lengthy journal and contains numerous spoilers. Only read if you
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