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The demo for Xerion is finally released! and on Slime Salad for the first time! (Since CP seems to be down at the moment)

For more info on the features in this game, look it up on the CastleParadox Xerion Journal.

Note: "E" to open menu is not functional, so just use "ESC". V

There isn't that much in the demo, but it's mostly to show the features in the game. Next update will have a lot more and will be released some time next month~ Smile

If you open it in a game.exe program,make sure it's for VoxHumana.

PS: I just found out something. I put the wrong battle formation in the desert, an empty one...
So you won't get any encounters there >_<; My mistake.
A fixed up version will posted up on CP once it's up again

A Fixed up version has been uploaded on CastleParadox now that it's up again.
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 8:16 pm
Xerion Xerion (23.74 MB; downloaded 502 times)
Xerion Demo
Build 1.06