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The year is S.R. 2092, 6 years before Kyle Kitatain became a hero
who travelled the stars. At this time, Kyle is preoccupied with
his career as a member of a specialized counter-terrorist organization.

Destiny is about to catch up with Kyle, and the shifting desert sands
will the the birthplace of his transformation from a boy to a man.

Entry for the 2009 Terrible Games Contest.


Entry for the 2008 "8-bit" OHRRPGCE contest included as a separate,
much small file. Download it, and see how far this game has come.
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Download (9.11 MB; downloaded 1015 times)
Demo of Timestream Saga - Arcadia Incident Report (8.76 MB; downloaded 971 times)
Demo of Timestream Saga - Arcadia Incident Report (8 Bit Version)
Explore diverse locations.
Make the enemies eat swords!
Terrorists! A screenshot from the older, 8-bit version.