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Game made for the 2008 8-bit contest. readme.txt included.

Version 2:
- Many balance tweaks (does not account for all party members)
- A new area
- More graphics and sounds added
- Some original music added (see readme.txt for more information)
- New tutorial

Version 2.1
- Permit double triggering of scripts turned on, to allow items to be used in quick succession.
- Running mechanic changed to a less reliable Run command.
- "Examine Weapon" mentioned in the tutorial now.
- Adventurer's Heal Staff weapon now has "Flee" as its Secondary. Steady Aim is now the Sword secondary.
- The Cake item is now consumable.
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Download (1.76 MB; downloaded 510 times)
Hedgemaze game. .dll files, License, .rpg file, and readme.txt included.
Find your way through the raft maze.
New battle background takes advantage of the 16 color palette.
Old screenshot. New versions have battle backgrounds.