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Stuff about the game:

It's a 9 Week Reality show starring OHR People, and the community will vote on who gets kicked out each week. If you aren't familiar with the characters you might not get all of the jokes, but regardless; it can be funny.

After winning the massively successful OHR House show, Gizmog converted the place into a brothel. JSH, who wanted to get the house back for Season Two, got some help from Hitler in Thanksgiving Quest (Who was teamed up with Princess Lana) and drove out The
Giz. After helping JSH, Hitler ended up kinda-sorta killing God and Jesus. Not too long afterward, JSH, Giz, and Uncy were exiled from OHR Land and decided to move the show to Hawaii. After rigorous audition processes, the housemates were selected. (including Chaos Nyte from Season One, who was cheated out of his victory) Surlaw won the second season. That's where our story begins!
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