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Long, long ago, the Aesir Gods fought with the primeval Jotun for control of the world. Having won the war, the Aesir set about rebuilding the world to their liking. But building anew upon a flawed foundation is not without its own problems, and an unknowable evil has slipped through the cracks to sow chaos and disorder wherever it goes...

Are you brave enough to take up this quest? Will you have the courage to vanquish evil?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:22 am

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2012 Release of Vikings for Alectormancy. (3.83 MB; downloaded 1959 times)
2010 Release of Vikings for Ypsiliform. (2.76 MB; downloaded 2347 times)
2008 Version of Vikings for Xocolotl. (1.32 MB; downloaded 2075 times)
2007 Original download of Vikings for Ubersetzung.
Cryptic references!
Quick travel!
Horrible monsters!
Fearsome foes!
True evil will stand in your way
Detailed environments await
Viking backdrop0.png
A title screen to open a long awaited adventure