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The viking Gods have been too lax in their rulership of the world, and a shadowy menace prepares to usurp power from them. It will take all your strength, courage, and wits to stop this dastardly plan!
PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:22 am

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Download (4.72 MB; downloaded 1787 times)
Proto-Alectormancy release candidate. There's likely to be one HECK of a lot of bugs with this version.
Vikings of Vikings of (3.83 MB; downloaded 1930 times)
Updated version of Vikings of Midgard for the Ypsiliform release of the OHRRPGCE, 2010. Incomplete, but whatchagonnado?
Vikings.rar Vikings.rar (2.42 MB; downloaded 2328 times)
Updated version of Vikings of Midgard for the Xocolotl+ release of the OHRRPGCE. 2008
Vikings Of Vikings Of (1.32 MB; downloaded 2056 times)
Standard version of Vikings of Midgard, released with the Ubersetzung release of the OHRRPGCE. 2007. Antiquated, but held here for historical purposes.
Animated loop of game's title screen and some screen shots of game play.