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This game details the adventures of Wolf McClaymore and his friends.

This is an early demo stage; the game isn't close to contest worthy yet(even thoough I daresay that the first five minutes of this version are much better than the four+ hours of the included old version).

After long consideration(and the discovery of the Fair Use excepion in copyright law) I have concluded that this game is 10% original, 90% derivitive, and 100% legal.

Some of you may have noticed that for a long time I've been referring to myself as "ripping" in the old version of the game. What I really mean by this was that I intentionally mispelled Peridot as Paradaux, as a tip of the hat to Castle Paradox; and that I had the heroes cast a spell on Vlad the Impaler which changed him into Vlad the Hamster(a reference to the works of James Paige).

I still feel a little bit bad for doing it, but I'll stop complaining so much about it now.

This is my entry for the Newbie Game contest.

Well, here it is folks. This is a fully playable demo. I had to check and re-check a ton of things several times, but I eventually made sure the game could be played from start to finish(one chapter).

The game opens with Akira, a blue wolf with a mission: kill the generic Dark Lord, Nathan. He does this, then the game switches to his descendant Wolf, whose job is to save a princess. But what's this? The princess's twin sister joins him on his quest!

What happens after that? Play the game to find out.
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This is the old version, in all its un-glory.