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Three games that are basically the same!

The "classic" Final Fantasy H for the OHRRPGCE. Relive the halcyon days of ripped sprites and cliche story lines! Also including the never-finished sequel Final Fantasy H-2, and the prototype FFR!

NOTE: I'm not longer supporting or updating these, and they will likely no longer work with your computer. Use at your own discretion - you've been warned!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:53 am

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Download (903.47 KB; downloaded 135 times)
Final Fantasy R (560.21 KB; downloaded 98 times)
Final Fantasy H-2
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy (3.02 MB; downloaded 1778 times)
Zip File with game, player, readme, and walkthrough.
Screenshot from FFH-2
Screenshot from FFR
FFH Titlescreen