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July 25, 2006

Everything seemed normal. It was the middle of the night, but Reed didn't know anything was wrong until he stepped out of his room. Blood was everywhere. His parents were missing, his sister dead. He had no idea how his friends, John and Crystal were doing, nor if Hannah, his girlfriend was safe. The world seemed to have fallen into an unexplained darkness, and strange monstrous creatures were roaming about.

Reed knew what he had to do. He had to find his missing loved ones, and discover what brought about the dark shadow that seemed to be covering the world...

Mad An OHR survival horror game. Make your way through five different dungeons, seemingly normal locations like an elementary school and a church, graced by the presence of a malicious force.
Mad Three difficulty levels alter the game slightly for an experience more suited to what you feel like taking on. Difficulty level is also shown in load game menu.
Mad Level down system causes your stats to slowly decrease. The more you fight, the tougher the enemy, the faster you level down. The different ways you fight also affect how quickly you lose stats.
Mad Lighting is affected by your environment. Heading deeper into an area with little to no light darkens the screen, as stepping into an area with a lot of light does the opposite.
Mad Sound effects help create the game's atmosphere.
Mad Some original music tracks by Artimus Bena, James Pandelis, Emily Young, as well as myself.
Mad Diary entries of your loved ones are scattered about. Uncover the thoughts/personalities of the ones you care about, discover the past and piece together the history leading up to the present.
Mad Cutscenes seek to heighten the mood and strengthen the game's storytelling during important scenes and events.
Mad Usage of layers adds more depth and a sense of dimension to the game, including weather effects such as fog.
Mad Custom menu options, such as brightness settings, automatic weapon reloading, maps and help topics.
Mad Items are now handled more efficiently with two separate key menus. One for healing, equipable and weapon items, the other for puzzles, keys, riddles, and other items.
Mad Guns do not lose ammo when switched! Just use the Firearm menu.

Surprised Game contains mature themes, including strong blood and gore, occasional use of strong language, and sexual themes
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Exploring the world fallen into darkness
Some of the features
Moments of unease
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