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James's Slovenian Text Adventure!*
(*Contains 0% actual Slovenia)

Sometime around 1997, I spent the weekend visiting my parents,
and having only a 386 DOS computer to entertain myself with
in the evening, I hacked together this simple text adventure
featuring 14 glorious locations and no plot whatsoever.

Please note that when I programmed this game, I was totally
ignorant of Slovenia in every way. I only knew the name
because I had recently seen a PEZ candy dispenser with
"made in Slovenia" stamped on the bottom. I mistakenly
believed that Slovenia was one of the republics formed
when the USSR broke up (It actually formed when Yugoslovia
broke up.)

For the benefit of any real Slovenians who wish to play this
game, I have added a feature that allows you to choose to
play in Oklahoma instead.

Although there is no way to win, and no point to the game,
you will know you have seen done everything if you see all
fourteen locations and gather all 13 items (not all items
can be in your inventory at the same time)
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Includes both Windows & Linux versions, plus full source code