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My original OHR RPG, Walthros was a project I worked on from 1998 to 2002, and is based on characters created for a series of comic books I made all the way back in 1992.

Walthros is an alien planet largely inhabited by a variety of lifeforms that resemble animals from Earth. At some distant point in the planet's history, there was a great conflict that was ended when one of the principle players unleashed a power that destroyed most of the known world. When the game opens, life has largely recovered. Unfortunately, old conflicts have been reborn, and war continues to rage. This continuing violence begins to awaken a sentient force that has been dormant since the great disaster that so deeply wounded the planet.

Players take the role of Bob Surlaw, a Walthrosian Fish who makes a living as an explorer of ancient ruins. His journey begins when he leaves his home one morning to explore a nearby shrine that has long been sealed. Inside, he finds an angry spirit and a piece of an ancient relic.

Bob Surlaw's quest to make sense of the strange events that have been affecting the world takes him across continents and to other worlds. Along the way he meets a great number of allies who aid him in his quest to set things right again.

4/17/15: Bug fix regarding party size.
9/23/14: Very minor bug fix.
5/12/14: Bug fixes! Removed a broken item, fixes some text box problems.
10/11/13: Updated music from MIDIs to higher quality OGGs and removed any non-public domain music. Cleaned up spelling/grammar/clarity in several text boxes.
4/16/12: Released a bugfixed version where a certain song caused slowdown/crashes on some operating systems.
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